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JRK carries the best names in turf and tree supplies. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sustane Organic and Natural Fertilizers
Sustane Fertilizer
sustane 4-6-4
Sustane is so much more than a product line. Sustane is about producing only the best – the highest quality possible organic and natural based fertilizers. Sustane is about healthy growth through healthy soils. Sustane is a natural, biological recycling process made from renewable, agricultural resources that in the end optimizes new plant growth with the least possible inputs, the most savings in labor, time and money and the most favorable impact on the environment. Safe, slow, uniform, predictable release of nutrients when the plant requires. Organic based, long-lasting soil and plant fertility – that’s Sustane. Passion.

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Solu-Cal Soil Amendments
Solu-cal Soil amendments

Solu-Cal USA's family of calcium and sulfur products allow turf managers to quickly and efficiently address soil chemistry problems. Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcium quickly raises soil pH at ¼ the rate of traditional liming material. Now available in our new Super Micro 70 sgn size and standard coarse grade. For liquid applications in either spray programs or hydro seeding, Solu-Cal L provides available calcium in a clear no grit liquid. Solu-cal L is the alternative to liquid lime which is tough on pumps and settles out quickly in tanks. Solu-Cal L provides available calcium while maintaining soil pH.

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