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award fertilizers
Award Professional Turf Fertilizer 18-0-3 1%Fe, 25% XCU

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage : 4lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

Award 33-0-5 75% PCSCU

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 3.3 lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

Award Professional Turf Fertilizer 30-0-5 1%Fe, 40%XCU

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 3.3lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

lebanon proscape fertilizer
ProScape 32-0-6 30% MESA

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 3.3lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS   • Label

ProScape 19-0-19 3% Fe, 62% MESA

• K type: SOP
   • Coverage: 5.5lb per 1000 sq ft
MSDS    Label

ProScape 25-0-5 1%Fe, 25% MESA

• K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
MSDS   Label

Nutriculture 20-20-20 General Purpose Plus
nutriculture fertilizer
Nutriculture 20-20-20 General Purpose Fertilizer is formulated as a general purpose, water soluble feed for use on ornamental plants, small shrubs, grasses, fruits and vegetables, and other intensely cultivated crops. In addition to N-P-K it also contains a minor element complex of boron, copper, Iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, and sulfur.

   • K type: SOP
   • Coverage: For 200 PPM, 2 oz per gallon
   • MSDS    • Label


Nutriculture Mag-Iron
Nutriculture’s Mag-Iron is an effective, water soluble source of Magnesium and Iron which is essential for the growth and development of all plants. MAG-IRON aids in absorption and translocation of phosphorus, increasing the yield and quality of the crop.

• 6% Fe, 4.5% Mg
   • Coverage: 4 oz per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label

ROOTS® TotalTree® Injectable Fertilizer with Mycorrhizae
TotalTree® contains slow release nitrogen, chelated iron, mycorrhizae, and biostimulants. It is the arborists complete long-term fertilization system.

   • K type: SOP
   • Coverage : 1.5 lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label

green fee fertilizer

GreenFee Super 15-0-0
with Iron
GreenFee Super 15-0-0 is a formulation of essential iron, sulfur and
nitrogen. Super 15-0-0 is compatible with most pesticides and

   • 6% Chelated Iron
   • Coverage: 3-6 oz per 1000 sq ft
   •MSDS    • Label


enviro-green fertilizer
Enviro-Green *L 18-0-6
Enviro-Green *L 18-0-6 is a foliar fertilizer containing a 50:50 ratio of SRN from triazone and urea, formulated to meet the plants immediate and longer term nitrogen needs.

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 4-6 oz per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label

Secondary Macro Nutrient Fertilizers
kelly's green team maxi cal

Kelly's Capsulated Maxi Cal

Maxi Cal is designed to provide calcium in a clean, nearly dust-free way.  Calcium is used by plants to enhance nutrient uptake and create strong cell walls.

   • 30% total calcium with 1% water soluble calcium
   • Coverage: 5-12lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS   • Label

kelly's green team maxi cal s
Kelly's Capsulated Maxi Cal S

Maxi Cal S has the same great capsulated design that creates clean and dust free application. This blend helps to neatralize soil pH.

   • 20% Calcium, 14% Sulfur
   • Coverage: 5-12lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label

kelly's green team gypsum pellets
Kelly's Capsulated Gypsum Pellets
Capsulated Gypsum pellets are pH neatral and will either not effect or lower the pH in soils.  This formula aids in reducing compaction and restores sodium affected soils.

   • 17 % Calcium, 14 % Sulfur
   • Coverage: 40-100lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label

kelly's green team limestone pellets

Kelly's Capsulated High Calcium Limestone Pellets

Capsulated High Calcium Limestone Pellets help to neatralize acidic soil conditions, providing an optimum range for nutrient uptake.

   • 30% Calcium, 1% Magnesium
   • Coverage: 10-50lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS     • Label

Starter Fertilizer

award starter fertilizer
Award 11-23-0 AM Starter

   • Coverage: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

lebanon proscape starter fertilizer with mesa

ProScape 16-25-12 25% MESA

   • K type: MOP
   • Coverage: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS   • Label

nutriculture starter fertilizer

Nutriculture 16-45-7 Seed Starter Special

16-45-7 Seed Starter Special is designed as a water soluble starter solution which promotes faster seed germination and root development on seeds and transplants, without burning. It will promote faster germination time by as much as 40% depending on species.

  • K type: SOP
  • Coverage: 1-2lb per acre
  • MSDS    • Label

Fertilizers with Pre-Emergence Herbicide
lebanon proscape fertilizer with pre-emergence
ProScape ® 18-0-5 25% MESA® .09 Dimension® contains a selective herbicide that  provides control of many annual grasses and broadleaf weeds (see bag label for a complete list) in established lawns and ornamental turfs, including golf course fairways, roughs, and tee boxes.

   • 3-9lb per 1000 sq ft depending on application
   • MSDS    • Label

ProScape® 19-0-6 33% MESA® Confront® 3 & Dimension® contains MESA® for extended feeding. This product provides for the post-emergence control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, and pre-emergence control of annual grassy weeds and labeled broadleaf weeds (see label for a complete list), in established ornamental turf, lawns, golf courses, roadsides and cemeteries.

   • Application Rate: 3.5-5lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS    • Label


green view seed starter plus crabgrass preventer

Green View’s 11-23-10 Seed Starting Fertilizer plus Crabgrass Preventer is perfect for newly seeded lawns. It prevents crabgrass while promoting turf seed germination.

   • 2.5-5lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS  • Label

EC Grow’s Award 19-0-6 Fertilizer with Dimension 0.1% is a premium balanced fertilizer with crabgrass control designed for use by landscape professionals, lawn services and nurseries.

   • Application Rate: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

Fertilizers with Post-Emergence Herbicides

award turf fertilizer with broadleaf weed control

Award 22-0-5 Professional Turf Fertilizer with 1% Fe and Trimec is designed to provide a boost of nutrition for turf as well as great post-emergent, broadleaf weed control for a large variety of broadleaf weeds.

   • Application Rate: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
   • MSDS and official Labels can be found at EC Grow (715) 876-6422

Organic and Organically Based Fertilizers

Perfect Blend Biotic Fertilizers are a great addition to any organic or organically based plant health system. Through patented processes, their specially formulated fertilizers provide well balanced, essential nutrients, along with mycorrhizae spores to enhance the general health of turf and other plant life.

Perfect Blend 10-3-7 perfect blend organics
This high quality fertilizer is designed to provide accessible nutrients to turf and other plants while maintaining a balanced pH level. The stable and homogenized solution helps to build the complex molecular structure and aid in the efficiency in the fulvic and humic acids.

   • Application Rates
     -Established lawns: 5-10 lb per 1000 sq ft
     -Newly seeded lawns and sod: 10lb per 1000 sq ft
   • SGN 150
   • 50 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

Perfect Blend 16-3-7

Perfect Blend 16-3-7 is a perfect addition to any turf fertility program. This fertilizer provides 13 essential nutrients for plant health including a variety of nitrogen sources for quick and long lasting effects.

   • Application Rates
     -Established Lawns: 5-10 lb per 1000 sq ft
     -Newly seeded lawn or sod: 10lb per 1000 sq ft
   • SGN 150
   • 50 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

perfect blend fertilizer

Perfect Blend 4-4-2 All Purpose Biotic Plant Food

This organic, slow release fertilizer is designed to meet your lawn’s needs for macro nutrients, micro nutrients and mycorrhizae spores for enhanced nutrient uptake.

   • Designed for safe use around kids and pets
   • Application rate for lawns: 17lb per 1000 sq ft
   • 25 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

perfect blend lawn food
Perfect Blend 8-4-2 Biotic Lawn Food

This organically based lawn food includes 14 essential elements and mycorrhizae spores for optimal lawn health. Because of its natural base Perfect Blend 8-4-2 is designed to provide necessary components to rejuvenate and restore synthetically fertilized lawns. As it is a naturally stable fertilizer, it is safe to use near lakes and streams.

   • Application Rates
     -For established lawns: 6.25lb per 1000 sq ft
     -For newly seeded lawns and sod: 12.5lb per 1000 sq ft
   • 25 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

Perfect Blend 8-4-5

Perfect Blend 8-4-5 is designed to supply soil microbes with high quality, organically based nutrition in order to aid in breaking down minerals needed in general plant health. The addition of Mycorrhizal spores increases the valuable nutrient uptake.

   • Application Rate:
     -For established lawns: 6.25-12.5lb per 1000 sq ft as top-dressing
     -For new lawns: 12.5lb per 1000 sq ft raked or tilled into first 2-4” of soil
   • SGN 150
   • 50 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label


Milorganiteis a great organic, nitrogen rich, and cost effective fertilizer. Over 85% of the nitrogen in Milorganite is in a slow release form, which means that plants access the nutrients when they need them. The gentle action of this fertilizer ensures no burning even with over-application and strong green growth rather than excessive growth produced by other fertilizers. Milorganite is a popular product for home owners, turf professionals and golf course managers.

milorganite fertilizer
Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer with 4% Iron
Non-burning, long-lasting, eco-friendly fertilizer adds non-staining iron and available non-leaching phosphorus along with organic matter to enhance your turf for an extended period.

   • Application rates
     -Established turf: 14.5lb per 1000 sq ft
     -Newly seeded turf and sod: 29lb per 1000 sq ft
   • 36 lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

Milorganite 6-2-0 Greens Grade (Fe4)
This is the same great Milorganite product in a smaller particle size!

   o Application Rates: 6-17lb per 1000 sq ft
   o SGN 90
   o 50 lb bag
   o MSDS   o Label

Milorganite 6-2-0 Classic (Fe4)
This is the same great fertilizer product formulated for roughs and fairways!

   • Application rates: 6-17lb per 1000 sq ft
   • SGN 160
   • 50lb bag
   • MSDS   • Label

natur o

Natur O provides us with a corn gluten product that is both a fertilizer as well as a weed suppressant. This natural product helps to keep weeds down by drying out the seed just after the seed coat cracks open and before actual germination takes place while providing an organic source of nitrogen.

   • 9-0-0
   • Application rates: 20lb per 1000 sq ft
   • 25lb and 50lb bags

Mycorrhizal Products

Even though they are not technically fertilizer, we’ve includedproducts from Mycorrhizal Products.com™ on this page because the beneficial effects of these products and how they aid in plant growth. Mycorrhizae are fungi that, when in contact with the roots, form a symbiotic relationship that increases root vigor and growth. They help the plant absorb water and breakdown nutrients which makes the plant more efficient and drought tolerant. 
For more information about how Mycorrhizae can help you, please visit mycorrhizalproducts.com

We offer these fantastic products in two forms:

Solublemycorrhizal products, granular mycorrhizae, soluble mycorrhizae
Mycorrhizal Products.com TM Soluble can be watered into
existing plants, seed beds, propagation trays, blended into potting
soils, watered on roots at transplant time or injected into soil for
mature plants.

• 16 oz per 200 gallons of water
• 24 month shelf life

Mycorrhizal Products.com TM Granular is a great all purpose formulation. It's particle size lends it to mechanical application systems such as Seed casters, Rot-o-tillers and Mulch spreaders. It is excellent to use on both transplants and existing plants.

• 10-20 lb per acre
• 24 month shelf life

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