ice melt - pellets

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•Thaw Master

Thaw Master is an exceptional, commercial strength ice melt that doesn’t carry the high price tag. Thaw Master contains high powered additives for a fast, effective melt. Thaw Master is also colored green. MELTS TO -5° F!

• A fast-acting product that utilizes calcium chloride and magnesium chloride to quickly form an ice melting brine.
• A value-added product that is dyed green for easy application and increased visibility. It is easy to see, which allows for proper placement.
• Safe on concrete when used as directed

•Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast is a fast acting, 3-chloride industrial blend that eliminates ice and snow immediately. This blue colored, professional strength ice melt is great for quick melting action and long lasting results. MELT TO -12° F!

• A commercial strength ice melting blend that contains calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and AMC for fast melting action.
• Product is dyed for ease in application. It is easy to see where the product has been placed.
• Safe on concrete and treated wood when used as directed.

•Power Thaw

Power Thaw is the premier commercial grade granular de-icer on the market today. It contains high levels of calcium and magnesium chloride to create a synergetic effect that goes unparalleled by competitive blends. It is also blue in color. MELTS TO -20° F!

• Works when temperatures drop to extreme lows, melts to –20°F. Performs off a synergetic effect that is unmatched by any other blended ice melt.
• Dyed blue for easy application, high visibility, and proper placement.
• Contains a rust inhibitor, making it friendlier to surrounding metals and safe on concrete when used as directed.


Peladow is a pure calcium chloride ice melter, Peladow is a proven choice when it comes to premium ice melters. Peladow penetrates through ice 2 to 4 times faster than competing materials, and performs in a wider range of winter temperatures, including extreme cold.

• Contains more than 90 percent calcium chloride, the most effective material for melting ice and snow.
• Melts ice 2 to 5 times faster than competing ice-melt materials.
• Absorbs moisture and generates heat to speed melting.

•MAG Pellets
The high performance ice melter.
Safer for People, Pets, Concrete and the Environment.

• MAG is safer for use around animals and humans. MAG is much less toxic than calcium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium chloride based on data provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
• Tests show MAG to be significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and sodium chloride on steel, tin and aluminum.
• MAG is safer around vegetation. When used as directed, MAG is safer to use around plants and bushes. In fact, magnesium chloride is used as an ingredient in some fertilizers.
• MAG is safer on concrete. Tests by the Strategic Highway Research Program, Washington D.C., using 3% solutions (representative dilution of ice melting brines) show that calcium chloride caused 26 times and sodium chloride caused 63 times the amount of concrete spalling than MAG.

•Quad Release

Quad Release Ice Melter is a 4-way blend of tech-grade calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium chlorides that is triple-screened to provide uniform spreading with maximum results. The entire blend is coated with Defrost®, a powerful addition to enhance melting power and is then treated with an anti-caking agent to allow easy pouring and extended shelf life.

• Coated with a non-staining colorant to help provide smooth and consistent coverage, even during low visibility conditions.
• Geared to outperform Salt, Urea, Potassium Chloride or combinations of these ingredients by melting to -10 F and lower.

•Magic Salt

Magic Salt is a hightly effective ice melting product that keeps melting to -35°. Magic Salt works faster, lasts longer and is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

• Use half as much Magic Salt as you would ordinary rock salt.
• Less corrosive and not as harmful to plants.
• Safe for concrete and bricks.
• Available in 50lb bags or 40lb pails

•PrimeraOne with CMA

PrimeraOne with CMA is the environmentally safer way to go when dealing with the dangerous hazards caused by ice in pedestrian, parking and loading areas throughout your facility. It is specially formulated to work hard to eliminate ice, with minimal harm to the environment and your property.

• Anti-corrosion agents reduce damage to vehicles and other metal surfaces.
• Less harmful to grass, trees, or other vegetation.
• Reduced damage to wood and concrete.