About Meadow Ridge Farms

Meadow Ridge Farms Packaged Wild Bird Feed is produced at the Historic Delano Mill, just off old Railroad Avenue in downtown Delano, Minnesota. The 1800’s elevator mill still holds a prominent position along the railroad tracks and towers more than 70-feet tall. With 6-internal grain storage bins and 11-external bins to hold raw material in bulk, our material handling systems allows for a cost effective blending and production of natural feed seeds and grains.

Meadow Ridge Farms Packaged Wild Bird Feed is made with top quality, fresh ingredients and is crafted from recipes that have been handed down through the generations… Always being tweaked by our skilled formulators, our feeds are designed to provide a nutritional, flavorful and attractive assortment of feeds that will draw the widest array of wild birds.

A clear plastic window on our branded Meadow Ridge Farms packaging lets the consumer clearly see the quality and value of the bird feed mix, as well as the consistent blending of ingredients throughout all bag sizes. When the bags are standing upright on the store shelf…the vivid colors, images and varieties create an exciting and regal display, as well as an inviting experience for the most avid bird enthusiast to the backyard birder.

We invite you to look at our recipes and learn more about Meadow Ridge Farms Wild Bird Feeds, specifically formulated for the residing and migratory birds of our upper Midwest region.