Hand tools

Wolverine Tools are manufactured with the professional contractor in mind. When you’re on the job you can’t be worrying about your equipment breaking or failing, that is what makes using Wolverine Products a smart move.

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All-Steel Nursery Spade is designed and built to handle almost any job application. From root pruning to bed edging our spades not only stand up to the task, they excel in it.  They feature heat treated extra thick blades,  mill sharpened blades creating a razor sharp cutting surface, smooth comfortable powder coated handles, pre-drilled holes for optional rubber footpad attachment, closed back, forward step and a 5 year manufacturer’s warrantee.

We offer these spades in:

Long-handled 15” diamond blade

D-handled 15” straight blade

D-handled 12” straight blade

Trenching Shovels
by Wolverine are some of the strongest, most durable products while being light weight and easy to handle. 

These shovels are perfect for trenching for wiring or irrigation, planting small plant materials and cleaning up landscape areas.

4” Trenching Shovel with Fiberglass handle

Contractor Shovels and Crew Shovels
are made with landscapers and construction crews in mind.  Strong and flexible wood or fiberglass handles and heavy duty steel blades make these shovels a favorite.  We have several to choose from:

Contractor 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point

Contractor 27” D-Handle, #2 Round Point

Contractor 48” Long Handle, #2 Square Point

Crew 47" Wood Handle, #2 Round Point
Crew 47" Wood Handle, #2 Square Point Shovel

Wolverine Rakes
, weather aluminum steel or poly, these rakes are durable and perfect for any professional or home landscape use.  We carry several for many different uses:

30” x 30 tine Poly Leaf Rake, 54” Deluxe hardwood handle

25-1/2” x 24 Tine Poly Leaf Rake, 54” Deluxe hardwood handle

36” Wide Aluminum Landscape Rake

24” Wide Wood Handled Leaf Rake, Steel Head w/ Brace

16 Tine Wood Handled Bow Rake, Forged Steel Head

16 Tine Welded Bow Rake, 54" Wood Handle, Crew Line

Wolverine Dirt Tamps
are built to last! 

If there is one tool that needs to be solid, it’s a dirt tamp. 

This is the one for the job.

10" x 10" Dirt Tamp, 54" Steel Handle, Steel Head

Contractors Brooms
are perfect for cleaning up any mess.

24” Wood Handled Contractors Broom